Laura Varela Fallas

Foundations laid by women

2021 and the last few years have been full of challenges.

What would become of us without challenges?

What would become of us without a robust team to propose, execute and grow?

A great project in sight

Firenze condominiums, located in San Rafael de Escazú (Calle Primavera), is iCúbica’s one most recent project. Beyond what can be seen or perceived as a building, it has represented a great challenge which, with good planning and hard work, also brings great satisfaction.

This is despite the difficulties that may exist in the current economic environment, as we decided to continue investing in Costa Rica. We are pleased with decision to move on with this project, both for the benefit our companies and for the contribution we can make to the real estate sector in the city. Without a doubt, it makes us very proud to see this project becoming a reality.

A team of women, committed to build

Although nowadays this should no longer be a surprise, it is worth noting that Firenze has its foundations laid by women. With the leadership of Laura Varela Fallas and Maureen Varela Fallas, there is a team made of successful and professional women worth highlighting:

  • Architect Marian Elías, ICON partner, Construction company.
  • Architect Andrea Soto Icúbica Project Manager
  • Engineer Raquel Rodríguez, ICON Project Engineer
  • Engineer Carolina Cascante, ICON Project Engineer – resident
  • Engineer Jahelyn Rodríguez, DEHC Infrastructure Inspector Engineer
  • Architect Carla Acosta, Icúbica Architect

It is precisely with the contribution, experience and knowledge of each one of them that this project has come to life, and to them we owe its unique style and vision.

A smart bet aimed to satisfy a need

Speaking of vision and opportunities, Firenze goes beyond.

We believe that ​​the high demand for the area where the project is located, combined with a need for multi-family projects, place this project in the perfect crossroads of those driving factors. Is with that vision is that these condominiums have become a reality. But besides underscoring the virtues of the Firenze project, we also wanted to highlight the fact that in an industry largely dominated by men, it makes us very proud that our key team is comprised of women.  We can attest to the hard work these women and many other people on the team have put into this project, and it is very rewarding to see that when people learn more about Firenze, they find out that it stands as a testament of the strength, conviction, and dedication of the women behind it.