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I’m Laura

Laura Varela Fallas

International Business Manager

CEO the Varela Group: Verat, iCubica, OPP, V-Shapes LATAM.

Laura Varela is an accomplished international business manager with extensive experience in logistics and tech-enabled entertainment and hospitality services. Mrs. Varela excels in mastering the operational value chain through her profound expertise in analyzing projects, meticulously planning their execution, and adeptly overseeing deployment tasks.

Laura Varela Fallas, with top-notch English fluency, enjoys special communication talents which she deploys seamlessly in a fast-paced, challenging bilingual business environment. She holds a BA in Business Administration from the Costa Rican University. With her exceptional ability to navigate and manage diverse business settings, Mrs. Varela stands out as a leader in international business management.


Verat is a successful real estate developer and rental property manager


OPP is a private lender for the real estate industry


iCubica is a leading architecture, engineering and real estate development services concern

A professional and successful CEO from Costa Rica

Online Business, Real Estate and Finance

Laura Varela Fallas is a professional and successful CEO of Costa Rican origin, celebrated as a representative of women in business empowerment. She leads several successful companies, each excelling in its respective commercial area, under the international presence of “The Varela Group.” Through her leadership and vision, Laura Varela has become a beacon of success, championing the cause of women in business and driving the global impact of her enterprises.

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Verat Properties and Icúbica are leading companies in rental, property development, architecture and design services, with an extensive portfolio that covers properties not only in Costa Rica, but also in Panama.

Opti-Prime Properties, is a short- and medium-term commercial lender also based in Costa Rica and Panama, focused on granting loans for real estate development.

V-Shapes, a company specialized in developing solutions for the world of packaging, including the revolutionary and patented single-dose method.

As the supervisor of these companies and responsible for planning their operations, Laura manages to fully carry out their growth strategies; resulting in a business group that provides direct employment to more than 300 people.

But in a world of today, not only experience, skills and studies are essential to be an exemplary businesswoman, it is also necessary to have ingrained values that allows to demonstrate being a leader committed to ethics and loyalty. In this sense, Laura also stands out, in addition to coming from a home where her parents took great pains to instill in her family values and projection towards achievement, she continued to train and strengthen herself morally from her beginning at other solid companies such as Construcciones Generales Admiral and UPS, until her current position today within the Varela Group.

With all these qualities in her favor, and along with an excellent fluency in English, Laura executes communicational strategies that allow her to work in her bilingual environment.

Finally, it is important to note that Laura is not only a tenacious businesswoman, but also a loving person who likes to spend quality time with her family. She is the mother of 2 children whom she strives to educate with the same principles and values with which she was educated, including respect, honesty and responsibility.

Among the social and sports activities, she likes practicing yoga, reading, going to the beach, hiking and running. Laura has varied tastes when it comes to food, however, among her favorites are Costa Rican, Italian, and in general foods that contain seafood.

Laura Varela Fallas